Sunday, 9 September 2012

Killzone 4 imminent?

Hey guys a short video with my thoughts on why I think we'll see Killzone 4 next February. Some gameplay from the under-rated Mobile Factory map from Killzone 3.

Armored Kill - Live comm on Death Valley (Rush mode)

Hey Guys, thought I'd a live comm on my first decent stab a round of Rush on the new Armored Kill map Death Valley. Plus a few thoughts on the crushing defeat I suffered twice on the trot on Bandar Desert - the biggest Battlefield map ever.

Armored Kill - Armored Shield Conquest gameplay

Hey guys, in an effort to get this uploaded as quickly as possible I haven't done a commentary - it was my first game so I didn't a lot to say. But will do some commentary for the stuff I record tonight.

Ambushing tanks on Operation Firestorm

Hey Guys, a very short video of me attempting to ambush a tank on Op. Firestorm whilst VERY bored playing Conquest. Apologies for the abrupt ending. Hopefully some Armored Kill or Killzone 3 next.

A short highlight reel from a recent Oasis match

Hey guys thought I'd try something a little different. I can't do montages because I'm not that good a player. So instead here's the highlights of a recent match on Oasis in Bad Company 2. The best bit for me was getting 5 out of the first 6 m-coms. And I want to apologise for the music - it was the best I could do. Getting free royalty-free music is harder than it sounds. Pardon the pun. Its not great music but its not awful either.

More ramblings with Bad Company 2 gameplay

Hey guys, some thoughts on playing Bad Company 2 over the last week or so and then a few thoughts on the latest currently Battlefield Premium only video demonstrating the four new maps in Armored Kill.

Just Cause 2 - live comm and review

Hey guys a quick live commentary of one the earlier missions (my second I think) and my review and thoughts of this game. Its a bit old but now free on the Playstation Store for Playstation Plus members.And its also a game I've wanted to play (but no necessarily complete) for a long time since the demo.

Anyhoot I hope you guys enjoy. Next up will be some Oasis gameplay on Bad Company 2 which I recorded last night. Its 25 minutes long so I suspect I'll need to cut it down as you lot don't want to listen to me for twenty five minutes.

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Not Black Ops 2: some thoughts on Gamescom and other stuff

Hey Guys, sorry its been a while but some thoughts on MOH: Warfighter, Black Ops 2 and a few other odds and sods. Just Cause 2 live comm/review coming up next.

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Battlefield 4 - My thoughts and some other news

Hey Guys, just a few thoughts from me about the recent announcement of the existence of Battlefield 4. And more importantly the lack of Bad Company 3! And a few words on why I haven't been uploading as many videos as I'd like recently.

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