Friday, 30 November 2012

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Scavenger commentary

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Scavenger commentary by igirisushinshi

Hi Guys,

With a few rounds on Aftermath under my belt I thought I'd share a few early thoughts on this pretty awesome new DLC from DICE.

Map is called Talah Market and its very promising so far. I'd say Armored Kill was like DICE were hungover when they decided what it was going to be about. Aftermath is like DICE have spent the last two months playing Bad Company 2 and have figured out how to put the fun back into Battlefield 3.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Battlefield 3: Scavenger mode

Battlefield 3 Scavenger mode by igirisushinshi

Hi Guys,

No commentary I'm afraid on this video just raw gameplay. The map is Azadi Palace. I wanted to upload this as quickly as I could because most of the Aftermath footage I watched yesterday was poor quality. So I wanted to show that the PS3 can look pretty good sometimes ;-)

My first match on Scavenger mode. Interesting and very different to Rush. Mainly its Conquest Domination with random weapons. More spawn points on similarly sized maps. Which makes the matches pretty frantic! At least the idiots can't camp with a sniper rifle either.

Have another match to upload which I will do a commentary for. Can't wait to try Rush mode on these maps, from what I've read and watched they're a lot of fun.

Thanks for watching and I'll have the next video up soon.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Another Dishonored Update

Another Dishonored Update by igirisushinshi Have decided from now on in my first play through am going to murder everyone I can find!

The Good Old Days Of Gaming

The Good Old Days of Gaming by igirisushinshi Hey Guys,

A look back at how I remember video gaming in days gone by. With some Hunt For Red October gameplay . And some Mercenary Force with a bit of Super Mario Land at the end.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!

Monday, 12 November 2012

A Very Short Dishonored Highlight Video

Hey Guys,

I was thinking my update video earlier today may have given the impression Dishonored was a bit dull. So here's a very short highlight video of about an hour's play. And I have managed to pick just about the dullest hours worth of footage to pick from.

Hopefully this will assure you that Dishonored features plenty of death and destruction!

Thanks for watching!

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Dishonored Update

Hey Guys,

a quick update on my progress so far on Dishonored. Which remains an awesome game.

Thanks for watching!

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A rusty return to the Battlefield

Hi Guys,

Thought I'd give Battlefield 3 another go. And I did rubbish. But I would like to hear of you think I played shit or they played really well. So let me know if you want.

Thanks for watching, sorry its a bit long!

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Retro Review: Super Mario Kart (SNES) - HD

One of the last reviews in my retrospective look at 16-bit racing games. Only Nigel Mansell F1 and Stunt Race FX left to go until we find the SNES's champion racer.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tips on uploading to Youtube

Hi Guys,

I wanted to do a post on uploading videos to Youtube - gaming or any other category. And hopefully some of my experiences can help you avoid some of the pitfalls I have fallen into.

My setup is amazingly simple. I use an AverMedia Game Capture HD C281. This has in my opinion a number of advantages over the Hauppage devices. Number one it allows playthrough when switched off. Number two - most important of all for me - it that it supports two storage methods, neither of which includes linking it directly to your PC. I have an 8gb SSD installed inside. Which is enough for two hours recording on medium settings. Which is plenty good enough for Youtube or DailyMotion. Or - and I love this - it can record straight onto a USB memory stick or external drive. No messy wires.

One tip for anyone using an AverMedia is that it outputs .avi files. Which for some reason Premiere Pro doesn't like. I can't say whether they play nicely with Sony Vegas as I have never used it. There is some good news though. AverMedia themselves have released an official MP4 converter which outputs mp4 files (amazingly enough) which Premiere Pro does like.

Then I use Premiere Pro and sometimes After Effects to produce my videos.  I wont go into tips on using Premiere Pro as there's already a plethora of stuff out there on the internet.

But I will tell you the settings I use on Premiere Pro. Video size is 1280 x 720. I have it set to 59.97fps (why can't we have a straight 60fps?). Then when I export it I use H.264 mp4 with a video bit-rate of 5mbps. Not sure what the audio bit-rate is. But I did at first have the bit-rate at the default 10mbps but the videos looked horrible once uploaded to Youtube. Having spoken to other YT people the consensus is 5 is about as good as YT will allow.

So far so straightforward.

The difficulty in my opinion of Youtube comes from content. More specifically if you want to monetise your account. Anyone can monetise their account. Which is good news.

Youtube though likes to keep you on your toes and throw the odd hurdle or five in front of you.

There are a number of lessons I have learned on this score. Video content can only be monetised if either it's your own work (like say a video you've recorded of some fireworks) or you're partnered with someone like Machinima or Pixel Enemy. But the scope of what game footage you can monetise is also badly defined. I for example also upload retro videos - Gameboy, NES and SNES games - which can for some reason be monetised without a partnership with one of the big channels. I have to presume (though I stand to be corrected) its to do with the age of the games. PS3 game footage can be posted to Youtube but not monetised without a partnership. I did email EA (for Battlefield 3) and Geurrilla (for Killzone 3) directly. EA denied my request. But at least they replied. Guerrilla have never acknowledged a single tweet or email I've ever sent them.

You can also be pulled up on your audio. Obviously you own the copyright to your own voice. So for me uploading a review of F-Zero on the Super Nintendo for example means I can monetise it.

There can also be problems when adding music to a video. I have posted a number of videos with music and never had a problem. But this was because I expected there to be a problem. So my music is almost exclusively taken from Kevin Macleod's awesome website. And to press I have never been pulled up by the Youtube police for using any of his tracks. This might also be to do with the fact I use his music on Battlefield 3 and Killzone 3 videos so I don't attempt to monetise them.

But the one time I use a track from somewhere else was on the firework video I've linked to earlier in the article. I was at Alton Towers during a firework display. Whilst the fireworks were being let off they played some music. Called "The Hall of The Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg. The audio on the video was quite tinny so I decided to replace the audio with a proper copy of the music track. The copy of this track I got was from MuseOpen and all their content is 100% public domain and exempt from copyright claims. This hasn't stopped the Youtube police though. Within 10 minutes of the video going up I got a claim on my account from some Rights Management cowboys. So I put in my appeal the same wording I used on the video description. I didn't expect it to end well for me even though I was 99% sure I was ok to use the track without paying royalties. Low and behold though two hours later these cowboys "released" their claim on my video. But once  the rights management cowboys had finished Youtube decided to step in of their own accord. I had to provide proof of my freedom to use (read:monetise) this track. So I repeated what I had said earlier and also added a link to the MuseOpen page about public domain use. Three days later I am still waiting for them to monetise the video. Which is pissing me off as Nokia UK retweeted my link to the video so it currently has 134 views. I don't expect to make my living off Youtube but a couple of quid here and there wouldn't go amiss. But I can't make any money off the video as Youtube still haven't decided that I'm allowed to use the audio. Which sucks. A fellow YT uploader told me he got pulled up on a Chopin track.

The music industry is well behind the digital times (which might explain why gaming generates twice as much money as music in the UK...) and their draconian approach to trying to limit what we make money on is piss poor. Edvard Grieg wrote this track in 1867. He's unlikely to claiming copyright anytime soon. But someone always owns "it" when it comes to music. So just be careful about what you upload. Or just get it from InComptech :-)

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Games I Used To Play

The Games I Used To Play by igirisushinshi

Which is better - Killzone 2 or Killzone 3?

Before I get stuck into the main meat of this post I just wanted to clarify this piece ONLY relates to the multiplayer parts of the games - I haven't played either single player campaign so can't comment on those.

Right, that being said I wanted to share a few thoughts on the question of which game is better? Killzone 2 or Killzone 3?

I played a couple of rounds of Killzone 3 last night. It shocked me that I was in a match that was 12 v 12 - something I haven't seen on Killzone 3 for months.  But it also brought up some of the issues I have with both games.

This one belongs to Killzone 3. Without doubt. It's a step ahead of Killzone 2. It looks that bit sharper in my opinion. And brighter. Which for me makes it that little bit easier to see what the hell is going on. One complaint I had against Killzone 2 (and World @ War on the Wii while we're at it) was that in places it was so dark it was very hard to differentiate between backgrounds and enemies.

Guerrilla made a big deal about the snow effect in Killzone 3. Quite rightly, in as much as it looks very convincing and does obscure your view. But that's why I don't like it - on Akmir Snowdrift in particular it just gets on my nerves rather than enhancing my experience in any way.

One small point I would make about Killzone 3 is the screens you get when you load up and try to get in to an online match etc... are far too red. They're awful. But it wouldn't stop me recommending you buying the game.

I'll cover this one quickly. Which is easy as they're both aurally excellent. Good effects from what's going on around you and meaty sounds to all the guns. Good. Next.

The two games are pretty close on this one. That's because not much was added to Killzone 3. You get the new Operations mode in KZ3 which is in essence Rush mode from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. And that's the only difference.

A quick note on Operations - I rarely enjoy a match on it. That's because in my humble opinion the maps are rubbish.  It only works on 3 maps - Akmir Snowdrift, Frozen Dam and Mawlr Graveyard. And none of them are any good.

But Warzone is present on both games and I love these matches. Guerilla Warfare is straight TDM which doesn't really light my fire all that much but each to their own.

The one thing (which I've mentioned more than once) that makes for better matches in Killzone 2 is the inclusion of a server browser. This means you can gurantee a full server when you join a match. Which is something you can't do in Killzone 3. I would love to hear from the devs as to why they took it out in KZ3 but despite numerous attempts to find out on twitter and the like I'm none the wiser.

One of the few downsides to both games is the lack of kill-cam or even the kill screen you get in Battlefield which does at least give some clue where your opponent is. But in these games you get nothing which means the cloaking snipers can basically hide/snipe with impunity for as long as they want. 

So overall Killzone 3 wins because it has the game modes from KZ2 and adds Operations mode. It adds jetpacks and exo skeletons. Which are f***ing awesome.

Alton Towers Fireworks Grand Finale

Last couple of minutes of the fireworks display - the grand finale.
Alton Towers Fireworks Finale - Sunday 4th... by igirisushinshi