Thursday, 29 November 2012

Battlefield 3: Scavenger mode

Battlefield 3 Scavenger mode by igirisushinshi

Hi Guys,

No commentary I'm afraid on this video just raw gameplay. The map is Azadi Palace. I wanted to upload this as quickly as I could because most of the Aftermath footage I watched yesterday was poor quality. So I wanted to show that the PS3 can look pretty good sometimes ;-)

My first match on Scavenger mode. Interesting and very different to Rush. Mainly its Conquest Domination with random weapons. More spawn points on similarly sized maps. Which makes the matches pretty frantic! At least the idiots can't camp with a sniper rifle either.

Have another match to upload which I will do a commentary for. Can't wait to try Rush mode on these maps, from what I've read and watched they're a lot of fun.

Thanks for watching and I'll have the next video up soon.

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