Monday, 15 October 2012

A shift in attitude

I've been playing online FPS almost exclusively for the last 18 months if not a bit longer. Going back to February 2011 when I bought Killzone 3 I haven't played much else other than online FPS games - Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and even Modern Warfare 3 occasionally.

But in the last few weeks I've grown weary of these. Mainly I suspect because a I don't get much time online these days - maybe 2 hours a week - which means I'm not very good.  So I get my as kicked an awful lot.

I can't for example remember the last time I won a round of Rush on Battlefield 3. Or even went plus figures on BF3 in Rush mode.  I don't expect to win every match or normally care that I don't finish in plus figures. But to repeatedly keep losing and taking a thrashing at the same time has gotten boring.  The only game type I enjoy on BF3 these days is Conquest Domination. Which I still seem to do well at.  As for all the other game types I'm either really shit or just get crap team-mates who don't go for the objective. Either way when I'm the only one pushing to get to the m-coms it gets tedious. And in fairness I've never really enjoyed Conquest all that much unless playing with friends where talking on the headset distracts from the monotony.

Likewise in Killzone 3 - last time I played it was 2 vs 5 and my one and only team-mate stood right to an opponent and neither of them was shooting their "enemy". Instead they BOTH shot me. So that was a waste of time. Which is a shame as KZ3 is still a very pretty game and plays beautifully. When its more than 4 a side that is.

So I'm shit at Battlefield 3 and no one plays Killzone 3 any more. And until COD gets dedicated servers I wont be putting any time into that game either.

So what does this mean?

Well I just acquired a copy of Dishonored from a colleague. And I've also got InFamous 1 & 2 on my hard drive. And Just Cause 2.  So I'm going to stick to offline single player games for a while. I had considered a look at the new Medal of Honor game but EA decided to shaft us PS3 owners and make the beta Xbox only so I wont be bothering with that.

I'm about an hour into InFamous at the moment and am enjoying it on the whole. I like the fact I'm enjoying a game without guns for a start...  I've already reviewed Just Cause 2 a while back but am also going to finish it some day soon.

But for the foreseeable future I'll be playing Dishonored. Its received excellent reviews and I'm looking forward to playing it. From the videos I've seen it reminded me in some ways of Tenchu back on the PS1. Stealth kills (which is what I'll be aiming for) require patience and sometimes even planning.

So I'll be leaving the battlefield alone for a while. See you guys in Dunwall!

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