Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nokia Camera Comparison

Hey there.

Nokia Connects were kind enough to lend me a Nokia Lumia 920 for the holidays. One of this device's selling points is its camera. And its also the only consideration my other half looks at when buying a mobile phone. Taking pictures is the only thing she cares about. Not the screen size or resolution or email or built-in Facebook integration. Just how good the pictures and videos are.

So whilst I have the 920 I thought I'd do a picture test between the 920, my current handset a Lumia 800 and the better half's N8.

So you can make up your own mind which has the better camera!

920 first

then the N8

and lastly the humble Lumia 800

I'm no camera expert but in these crudely taken samples the N8 doesn't look all that good and the 800 for my money isn't that far behind the pick of the bunch: the 920.

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