Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Gran Turismo 5: Head Start - Episode One

Gran Turismo 5: Head Start - Episode One by igirisushinshi
Hi Guys

First episode of my new series - Head Start" where I see how much of a head start I can give the CPU driven cars and still win.

Episode two is already in the pipeline.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.

I used three different audio tracks on this video in case you were wondering. The first is called Gymnopedie No. 1 and can be downloaded free from the awesome Incomptech website here. The second is a track I've used before called Broken Bone by Jim Ross courtesy of Fixate Records. You can buy this track for £1.12 from here . The final track is called Genesis by a group called Justice. A video of the song is here. You *might* recognise this tune. I found it on the Assassins Creed 2 tv adverts!

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